Come with an open mind. Your body will follow.




Jane Bloom

Mother, counselor, and author, Jane has practiced yoga for the past 20 years. While she has always been drawn to athletics, yoga was the key to opening up soulful exploration that went beyond the body and into the heart. Jane saw that through yoga, she could integrate wellness and fitness-and expand the ways in which people could discover and benefit from yoga. With a Master's degree in Counseling and Educational Psychology, Jane has practiced as a therapist for the past 17 years. She became a certified yoga teacher ten years ago as a way to merge her passion for yoga and helping others. Through the merging of counseling and yoga, Jane is committed to offering a yoga studio that will provide a broad variety of classes, including yoga therapy for trauma, anxiety and depression, and postpartum depression. Jane is particularly interested in how creative sequencing and essential oils elicit emotions and change awareness one asana at at time. 

Website:   Facebook:  DeidraSchaub   Instagram:  @deeschaub   Pinterest:  deeschaub


Facebook: DeidraSchaub

Instagram: @deeschaub

Pinterest: deeschaub

Deidra Schaub

Deidra teaches all level yoga classes, workshops and private sessions that are a creative combination of breath work, meditation, poses, energy medicine techniques and aromatherapy with doTERRA essential oils. She co-authored The EssentialYoga Program which gives yoga teachers simple ways to incorporate the healing benefits of aromatherapy into their weekly classes and provides a 12-month curriculum of theme based workshops.

Deidra has completed Level 1, 2 & 3 Healing Touch, Level 1 Reiki, Level 1 & 2 Touch for Health and currently studies various energy medicine techniques. Deidra also creates unique handmade jewelry out of repurposed paper and local fruits and vegetables.

She enjoys serving her community by offering a free weekly yoga class incorporating Christian scripture and prayer followed by fellowship time at her church, volunteering for a social change organization called Shakti Rising, and promoting green living at Green Living Tools website.


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Meg Long

Meg Long began practicing yoga in 2003 while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Kenya, East Africa. She found the meditative aspect of yoga helped to maintain her mental well-being while she worked with high risk populations in extremely stressful environments. Throughout her career in the field of Public Health, yoga continues to be a strong foundation for staying motivated, focused, and healthy. Her love of helping others through difficult times led to a transition into teaching, initially through trauma informed yoga for community members recovering from alcohol and drug addiction. She also found that the meditative aspect of yoga helps with both emotional and physical healing. Through the Bikram series, Meg healed her torn rotator cuff without the aid of surgery. Meg teaches the Hot 26, Yin, Hatha, Bikyasa, The Rocket, and leads a yearly yoga retreat in Quimixto, Mexico. She also runs the NMSU Social Services program and Aggie Cupboard food pantry. In addition, she teaches several courses for the Department of Public Health Sciences at NMSU and DACC. 


Holly Rae Bemis-Schurtz

Holly Rae (M.A.; RYT 200) received her 200 hour RYT Yoga Alliance certification from Downtown Desert Yoga’s Open Doors Studios Teacher Training program in 2011. She began her exploration of yoga with community classes at NMSU and old fashioned ‘DVDs’ in 2000 but was amazed by the changes in her mind and body after joining Desert Yoga in 2006 through the the guidance of Kim Chormicle.

With the support of that community, her yogi friends and teachers, her practice developed in to include teaching Slow Flow, Hot Yoga, Hot Flow and Power Flow. She credits yoga with transforming her life and her goal is to offer a safe, supportive and challenging practice. In 2016 she is pursuing additional training to become a certified teacher of Rocket Yoga and Buti Yoga.


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Jesse Carraballo

Jesse found yoga by jumping into a class at a local gym one day back in 2006. His practice took off while living in San Antonio, Tx. where he found Ashtanga yoga. Growing through Ashtanga and searching for more yoga, he discovered Vinyasa levels 1,2 and 3, Restorative, Kundalini, Hot and Power classes.

Upon returning back to the west Texas town of El Paso, Jesse searched for yoga everywhere and anywhere in the city. Picking up Rocket yoga in some of the few studios in town, Jesse’s practice blasted off into a new found love for this ancient practice of life. He wanted to spread his love of Yoga to everyone and anyone. He decided to become a 200hr Certified Yoga Instructor and soon to be Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. Jesse currently teaches the Rocket, Heated Power, Yoga Flow, and Power Hour classes at both Casa De Yoga and Casa De Yoga East.
His high energy, passion for yoga and the drive to continue to learn allows his love of yoga to spread and inspire all to grow and never stop searching for more. 


Niki Harings

Niki Harings has been a certified Yoga Instructor with Open Doors Yoga (under Yoga Alliance) since July 2014.  Niki enjoys teaching vinyasa flow, gentle and restorative yoga, prenatal yoga and occasionally playing with the fusion of hip hop dance and yoga.  She has been practicing yoga regularly for 9 years and has an extensive dance background. She is also a certified Reiki Master and loves to incorporate elements of energy work and essential oils into her classes.  Niki encourages students to listen and trust their bodies’ cues to find safe, lasting benefits on and off the mat.



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Cheri damschroder

Cheri has played many roles in her life: teacher, wife, mother, friend, neighbor, a good listener, musician, dancer. She is retired from teaching a variety of subjects in bilingual methodology. Liking any type of trending exercise from Jane Fonda’s aerobics to swimming, biking, running, gymnastics and modern dance, yoga is a natural. She began some 15 years ago with the few classes offered locally and soon decided to mix her teaching skills with earning her Yoga certification at PrajnaYoga in Santa Fe. With 10 years under her belt she has taught many levels of students through her instructional style. She began a studio in Hatch 8 years ago. While going through breast cancer treatment she continued to teach yoga as therapy to counter her effects of chemotherapy and possible lymphedema. She now lives in Las Cruces enjoying art and tango.


Lanova sheets

When Lanova retired in 2006, yoga was at the top of her to do list .  She found Desert Yoga and began to practice hot yoga three to four times a week.  About eight months later, Lanova had a knee replacement and lost her way on the yoga path.  “Because of my physical limitations, I did not go back to yoga for a couple of years.  I was afraid that I would not be able to make the shapes and look like everyone else. Then one day, I found the courage to begin again with my body as it was and not worry about the way it used to be.  Each time I step onto my mat, I let go of what was and experience what is.”

In 2016, Lanova completed her 200-hour teacher certification with Open Doors at Downtown Desert Yoga.  After teaching for a few months, she completed her 300-hour teaching certification with SOMA Yoga Institute.  Lanova enjoys teaching yin, restorative, hatha, hot yoga and yoga nidra.  A funny thing happened on the way to obtaining her 500-hour certification in yoga - Lanova has been challenged to express herself authentically through humor on and off the mat.  In her classes, you will be presented with opportunities (perhaps with humor) for growth physically, mentally, energetically and spiritually…let yourself grow. Off the mat, Lanova volunteers for Mesilla Valley Hospice and the Dona Ana Arts Council.  She also enjoys traveling, hiking, walking, reading and “playing” with friends and family.  Lanova is a life long learner.



Megan MOran

My inspirations: I am inspired by the the concepts and phenomena of liberation and altruism born of suffering. The path of yoga and other powerful energies like my travels, teachers, peers, and companions guide me toward the light. 

Why I practice: To grow with positive intention and thrive. I practice for my mental, physical, emotional, environmental and spiritual wellbeing. 

Why I teach: Share resources to help access empathic engagement and holistic health. I teach to grow alongside my peers and to be accountable to my own fullest potential. 


Dawn Browning

Soon after Dawn’s first Bikram class in Tucson in 2002, yoga became her foundation for handling stress associated with her earning her Ph.D. Dawn’s yoga practice continues to grow; she is a student of yoga first and foremost. Dawn completed her 200-hr training with Shiva Reinhardt in 2013 and has continued study with Amy Weintraub and Maria Mendola and will complete her 300-hour training in Integrative Yoga Therapy with Joseph and Lillian LePage in 2016.

Dawn’s daily yoga practice nurtures her body and mind and continues to inspire her to create a sacred space for students to explore and develop their own practice. Dawn finds joy combining the healing power of essential oils with the nurturing aspects of yoga to create a powerful place of physical and emotional wellness.

At Dwell, Dawn leads yogaHour classes from which you will leave feeling renewed, physically expressed, and refreshed. Dawn’s greatest hope is that students emerge from her classes with an enhanced sense of self-awareness and contentment.


Selena Trichel

Selena Trichel is a yoga teacher with a passion for healing and uplifting. She has a graduate degree in Biomedical Sciences from University of South Carolina’s School of Medicine and is currently a medical student at Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine. As such, her classes often include narrative about the way that yoga practices specifically modify our biological processes. Selena weaves pranayama (breath-work), asana (physical poses), and meditation techniques to create an atmosphere of restoration that references her training in anatomy and physiology. Selena found yoga in 2012 while rehabilitating from a 2,000 mile thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. As she continued to practice, she found renewed youth and vitality of the body, but also of the mind and spirit. Her hope is to guide others on the path to emotional and physical well-being using techniques that are time-tested oral traditions passed to her by her guru, Katie Silcox, who is the New York Times best-selling author of Happy, Healthy, Sexy and senior teacher within the Sri-Vidya Para Yoga lineage under Yogarupa Rod Stryker. When she’s not teaching yoga, Selena spends her time hiking, rock climbing, and playing in the beautiful outdoors with her better-half, Cory and her malti-poo, Henry.