Thank you for considering joining our team through the
The Energy Exchange Program! 

This program is intended to provide individuals free yoga in exchange for work hours. this program is designed for those who are interested in working for trade in equal exchange of energies! 

In this program, you will assist the Dwellyoga with front desk responsibilities including checking students into class, and selling students the best package for their individual needs.  You will also help maintain a clean, inviting environment-making sure the studio is clean before and after class. 

The help that you provide under Energy Exchange is a very important part of the studio and the students' experience at Dwellyoga. It requires your leadership in our community. This position is hired and requires commitment, work ethic and positive energy. After submitting your application, you will be contacted for a brief interview . If accepted into the program, we ask for a 3 month commitment . We are continually accepting applications for our EE program. Click on link below to apply for an Energy Exchange Position, or contact Isabel Batres at 575-571-8250 for more information. 

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